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19.8.2020 1994 views

Trading company Land of Fire opens new online supermarket! Variety of food and goods offered by Nasha supermarket is formed taking into account preferences of Dubai and Sharjah residents and includes more than .... items. Along with the products from local producers within UAE, Nasha offers products and goods from world famous brands and manufacturers from the CIS countries to all customers.

19.8.2020 2181 views

One-time offer! Take an advantage of Nasha online supermarket grand opening before it’s too late! Nasha offers discounts up to 50% on the entire range! 

Trading company Land of Fire invites all UAE residents and visitors to take advantage of an exclusive discounts while opening. In order to receive a discount, you need to register on website and select your favorite products. 

In the future, all registered customers of Nasha online supermarket will be able to take an advantage of loyalty program, which will allow to receive exclusive discounts for residents of Dubai and Sharjah

19.8.2020 1942 views

In line with an ongoing online supermarket opening and trends following, Nasha launches product expansion.

Nasha already offers exclusive products and brands such as black caviar, white honey from Kazakhstan and water with collagen.

Nasha plans to boost the selection of fresh, organic and easy-to-prepare food for easy shopping of each family in United Arab Emirates.  

7.4.2020 1877 views

The online platform is designed for your convenience. We offer a large selection of products and we continue to add new categories of products. Follow us on our social network pages and stay informed. Soon, you will be able to purchase everything you need for your home without having to leave.

The main advantage of the Nasha Online Store is that by shopping on the site you save up to 20%. The saved money can go to other needs of your family!

Join us and do not miss out on our upcoming innovations. This is only the beginning!

30.3.2020 2169 views

We have big plans for the future. Our Nasha online store will transform into a major online platform selling not only food but much more.

It takes a lot of time to find information about events that may be of interest to our diverse audience. We will cover most of them, making the Nasha platform an online resource that you will use every day.

Be a part of the trend!